Now launched TERRA 8 channel  DVB DVBS/S2 to DVB-T  4 & 8 multiplex Transmodulators       

8 DVB-S/S2 receivers to 4 mux DVB-T.    8DVB-S/S2 receivers to 8 mux DVB-T


Compact transmodulators are intended for small to medium sized deployments of DVB-T/DVB-C TV distribution for the housing complexes, apartments, hotels and hospitals applications, whatever the source of the TV signal is Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial broadcasts.
All devices have 8 SAT demodulators, 2 RF inputs, integrated multiswitch 2 to 8, with 2 loop through outputs.
tdx440 and tdq440 has possibility to select any service (TV program) to any output channel.
tdx480 and tdx480 has service filtering only.
Devices support most innovative dSCR (EN50607), using TERRA dSCR51 multiswitch makes the installation flexible and quick. Small die-cast housing and fan less operation makes these trans modulators very attractive in the market.

Main features
Remote Web-based control of the head end makes it easy to setup and configure
 Real time input and output parameters monitoring, service based and whole transponder bit rates measurement
 Manage services as you like: change service titles, provider titles, PID’s, descramble, distribute them towards any of the outputs.
 TS processing: service filtering, PID filtering, PCR restamping, EPG multiplexing;

tdx440 and tdq440 can pass any service to any output. Transparent option is available as well
 Software upgrade using web browser
 Possibility to check online for new software releases
 Possibility to save configuration to file and load configuration from file
 Password protected control panel for multiple users
 Multilingual control panel. New languages and Regions can be added under request
 SNMP support
 E-mail reports make the maintenance easier
 NorDig standard support

TDX480 sat programme line up example: BBC1 N.I.,BBC2, BBC NEWS, CBBC, ITV1, ITV2,ITV3,ITV4, ITVBE, Citv, CH4,Film4, film4+1, 4 music, Ch5, 5USA, 5 Star, Spike, POP, Tiny POP, True Movies, True Movies+1, Tru TV, Chart Show TV, The Vault, True Entertainment, True Entertainment+1, Sky News, PICK, UTV N.I., Horror channel, CBS Reality, CBS Action, CBS Drama.