IPC Router

IPC Router

Benefits at a Glance: Ethernet over Coax Cable

  • Feeding internet signals, CATV or Head-end Systems
  • High Data Rate 500 Mbps (230Mbps net) WIFI (EoC 2-01)
  • Web interface for WIFI configuration

IPC M2 Master

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Ethernet over coax(EoC) is a hardware solution that allows you to distribute any internet subscription (ADSL /Fibre), through
the coaxial cable of the TV system inside the structure (apartment, student village,
bed and breakfast, hotels etc.)

EoC consists of a central “Master” and one or more “Slave” and routers depending on the size and
complexity of the system.

EoC is a simple and quick-to-install Plug & Play system that using the existing TV system to bring the internet signal into the
building within each desired room.