S2Cbox micro processing unit allows distribution of satellite TV programmes using the existing building coaxial network structure.  Extremely low power consumption (30 watt) for 16 transponder processing. UP to 100 TV CHANNELS

  • Built in 6×16 multiswitch
  • TS processing
  • Service filtering
  • PCR stamping
  • EPG multiplexing
  • Output symbol rate up to 7200Ksymb/s per channel
  • MER + 43 db
  • Output channels  48mhz….. 858MHz. DVB-C
  •   Levels adjust 75…..90 dbuv
  • Web control of head end.
  • 70..90 DVB-C programmes output depending on bit rate.
  • Software upgrade web browserWeb control of headend
  • Real time ip/op parameter monitoring
  • Whole transponder bit rate measurement

SEE: terraelectronics/products/S2Cbox for further info.