TV Aerial and Satellite System Installers. Do you need a TV  distribution equipment suitable for Hotels, Nursing Homes, Apartment buildings, B & B’s guest houses etc?

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  • Guest Houses
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  • Hospitals
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  • Multistory and Apartment Buildings
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Distribution Amplifier for TV Systems

Distribution Amplifier DA140

Our turnkey TV systems are built and tailored for installers and contractors if required. Both domestic and international channels available.  Our packages vary in size depending on programming requirements. Distribution can be  upgraded to fiber or IP  as well as coax cable.



What is involved in upgrading an existing analogue TV system to digital?

We will replace it with one of our professional headend units that transforms it to digital and solves the problem.

“A cable television headend is a master facility for receiving television signals for processing and distribution over a cable television system.”

Our flat screen TV’s were purchased before SAORVIEW started, will they now receive SAORVIEW programmes?

Yes, the equipment which can be added, will allow reception of SAORVIEW, MPEG4 on MPEG2 receivers.

We have replaced some of our TV’s with LCD/LED models, however we still have a number of older analogue TV’s. Can we use both in in this system?

We can accommodate both analogue and digital distribution by installing a dual headend. Alternatively you can continue to use the existing analogue system and adding a digital system side by side.

Are set top boxes still required to receive satellite channels?

No, professional satellite receivers are a component part of our headends.

What are the main advantages in upgrading to a digital TV System?

  • Superior SD & HD pictures
  • High quality sound
  • 80% of electricity running costs, much less again in standby
  • Ease of operation
  • Hotel room space saving
  • Large number of TV programmes as well as digital radio
  • Distribution of in-house digital signing & DVD sourced entertainment

Contact us for your hotel tv distribution system. We can tailor a system suitable for a b&b, guest house, apartment building, nursing home, hospital or any other TV systems requirements.