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Cascadable single cable multiswitches for the distribution of
SAT IF and DTT signals over one cable to up to 32 receivers.control according legacy/EN 50494/EN 50607

Replace legacy multiswitch for dSCR multiswitch to allow SKY Q reception

  • configurable with programmer PC102W
  • DC input for external power supply
  • DC by pass from DC input or tap output to H trunk lines
  • passive terrestrial TV path allows to receive terrestrial
    New software version (v1.8) provides new features for cascadable wideband digital SCR multiswitches SRM522SRM581.
    Wideband input signals (290-2350 MHz) from up to 4 satellites can be transferred to multiswitch output at legacy mode in range 950-2150 MHz and received by any Legacy STBs
    TV programs without switching on SAT receiver
  • robust die-cast housingRF inputs/outputs – type F
    wideband/quattro LNB IF range, switchable

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