HEADEND examples

Examples of headend installations.

Terrestrial: Filtered, twin channel (AT420), combined with O/P amplifier (MA400)

Satellite: Quatro input (SRM522) into(tdx440) transmodulator combined with O/P amplifier.

SAORVIEW + 20 to 25 Satellite channels


Terrestrial: Filtered, amplified via launch amp(SA51), combined with satellite IF channels before distribution

Satellite: Quatro input to Sat IF amp(SA51) o/p split (SD504) between LEGACY radial multiswitch (MR516) and dSCR multiswitch (SRM522)

Radial multiswitch provides satellite reception using standard set top boxes.

dSCR multiswitch provides reception using UNICABLE receivers or SKY Q boxes.

Viewer has access to both systems.


Terrestrial 1: SAORVIEW signal filtered, amplified (AT420) O/P added to launch  amplifier (DA134P)

Terrestrial 2: UK/N.I. off air signal filtered, amplified (AT440) added to launch  amplifier

Satellite: LNC input to(TDX440) for additional channel selection